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The ScoreFeed app puts everything you need in the palm of your hand – whether you're at the game or thinking about what's next.

Live game scores

Get live scores on game nights, shared by fans around the state. Join the fan network and share the score from your game.

Favorite teams

Follow your favorite teams and see their games at the top of every screen. Keep track of rivals or best teams in the state.

Live streaming links

Tap to watch live games with official streaming links from all over the state.

Events & Playoff Brackets

View playoff and event brackets updated with live scores during games.

Team Schedules & Rosters

Check out team schedules with opponent comparisons for each game

Standings & Polls

Get up-to-date polls and standings for all classes


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Three greatest inventions of all-time:

1. Printing press

2. Electric light

3. @SDScoreFeed

Ryan Deal

sportswriter, 605 Sports

Seriously. Where has this been my whole life?!

Cassie Plienis


So, #nebpreps fans.

Found this app Thursday hunting down 8-man playoff scores. Download this !!

You'll never search Twitter again for scores. It was great last night too.

Tony Chapman

writer/broadcaster, NebPreps

My hubby's addiction 😉

Janelle Dick


Great way for fans to keep up, and help out, on Friday Nights!!

Eden Prairie High School Football


We stumbled across this, and...

Oh my gosh, I love it!

Austin Hamm, Tyler Smith

podcasters, 8 by 80 Podcast

NE ScoreFeed is the best thing ever

Kevin Louthan


Took me till tonight to add @SDScoreFeed to my phone and I'm very glad I did.

Joshua Hofman


@NEScoreFeed is a nice way to keep up on football scores from across the state.

Users update scores from games they are at.

Very handy as a coach with an eye on games all over.

Justin Bomar


Get the NE ScoreFeed app.

Game changer with all the streams right there!

Luke Dobbins


If you're not checking scores with @NEScoreFeed, you should be.

Lil' Blue Sasquatch


SD ScoreFeed app is elite.

Libby Renbarger

media coordinator

Highly recommend!!!!!

Mark Bolton


I love @MNScoreFeed!

I try to score as many games as possible during volleyball & basketball seasons!

Ron Prom

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